Trade Nation Review 2024: Fees, Platforms, Apps, Safety, Pros & Cons

Trade Nation is a Contracts for Difference (CFD) broker that was founded in 2014. It provides clients across multiple countries with the opportunity to trade various financial instruments through numerous platforms. This Trade Nation review covers the broker’s account types, trading apps, spreads, fees & commissions, and safety procedures.

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82% of retail investors lose money

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What Can You Trade on TradeNation?

  • Stocks
  • ETFs
  • Forex
  • Commodities
  • Indices
  • Crypto

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Trade Nation Review 2024: Fees, Platforms, Apps, Safety, Pros & Cons

Trade Nation is a Contracts for Difference (CFD) broker that was founded in 2014. It provides clients across multiple countries with the opportunity to trade various financial instruments through numerous platforms. This Trade Nation review covers the broker’s account types, trading apps, spreads, fees & commissions, and safety procedures.

  • author Adesuwa Ebuehi
  • Last updated 06/12/2023

82% of retail investors lose money

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1,000,000+ users

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What Can You Trade?

  • Stocks
  • ETFs
  • Forex
  • Commodities
  • Indices
  • Crypto

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78% of retail investors' accounts lose money.


Trade Nation is a global CFD broker that has been in operation since 2014. They are well-regulated across several regions and offer a vast number of stock CFDs from the UK, Europe, and South Africa. 

TradeNation Main Features

Minimum Deposit$0
RegulationASIC, FCA & SCB
Number of Markets400+
CFD TradingNo

This Trade Nation review provides a detailed look at all of the broker’s services and features. Here, we will examine their safety measures, payment methods, available assets, stock trading options, spreads, leverage, and much more. 


  • Fixed Spreads
  • No Minimum Deposits
  • Easy-to-use Proprietary Trading App
  • No Deposit or Withdrawal Fees
  • Highly Regulated
  • 24/7 Live Chat Option available
  • Compatible with MetaTrader 4


  • No Islamic or Professional Account
  • No Real Stocks available
  • Limited Educational Resources

Available Assets at Trade Nation

Trade Nation provides 1,000+ financial assets, which includes 400+ stock CFDs, 35+ forex pairs, 13+ indices, 9+ commodities, 8+ cryptocurrencies, and 3 bonds.  In this section of the review, we cover each of these financial instruments in detail.


There are over 400+ stock CFDs on this broker’s platform from various countries, including Denmark, South Africa, and UK. Some examples of shares that you can find with this broker are ALLIANZ SE, DEUTSCHE BORSE, and BMW.


Trade Nation’s 13+ indices are open to all its clients. Individuals who wish to speculate on the price action of a group of assets will be able to trade indices such as Japan225, France40, and Germany 40.


This broker provides up to 35+ forex pairs on its trading platforms. Users can choose any of these options, including popular pairs such as EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and GBP/JPY.


Commodity traders can choose from a total of 9+ options provided by this broker, including Brent Crude, US Light Crude, Zinc, Lead, and Silver.


Traders looking to diversify their portfolio by adding cryptocurrencies can trade these instruments with this broker. Some cryptocurrencies listed by this broker include Dash, Cardano, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.


There are three bond futures listed by Trade Nation on its website. They are US Long Gilt – Future, Bund – Future, and BOBL – Future. Customers who open a live account can invest in these assets via MT4 or the broker’s proprietary platform.

Stocks Trading at Trade Nation

Trade Nation’s wide list of assets extends to stocks. This broker provides 400+ CFD shares for its clients to trade, including popular options such as LVMH, ALLIANZ SE, and DEUTSCHE BORSE. Here in our Trade Nation review, we provide you with information about all the available stock exchanges this broker provides, their fees and commissions, and leverage.

Available Stock Exchanges at Trade Nation

Trade Nation only offers CFD shares. Individuals who wish to buy real stocks cannot do so on any of this broker’s platforms. In addition, it has a large number of CFD stocks from several regions, including the United Kingdom, South Africa, and parts of Europe. Below, we list out all the available Stock Exchanges provided by this broker.

CountryAvailable Stock Exchange
AustraliaAustralian Securities Exchange
BelgiumBrussels Stock Exchange
DenmarkOMX Copenhagen
FranceEuronext Paris
FinlandOMX Helsinki
GermanyFrankfurt Stock Exchange
NetherlandEuronext Amsterdam
ItalyBorsa Italiana
SpainMadrid Stock Exchange
South AfricaJohannesburg Stock Exchange
UKLondon Stock Exchange
New York Stock Exchange

Stock Trading Fees & Commission at Trade Nation

Like with all other instruments, Trade Nation does not charge a commission on its CFD stocks. This broker only profits off the spreads on each of its available shares listed on its platforms. Spreads on stocks can be as low as 0.2% on assets such as BMW, SIEMENS, and ADIDAS.

Stock Trading Leverage at Trade Nation

Leverage on stocks varies depending on the exact instrument being traded. However, the leverage provided by this broker for its CFD stocks typically ranges from 1:5 to 1:20, depending on the location of the client.

Trade Nation Regulations

Trade Nation has a global reach and is available in multiple countries. Individuals who use this broker can consider it a reliable option as it is regulated by very reputable financial and investment authorities in the United Kingdom, Australia, and the Bahamas. These bodies include the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), and the Securities Commission of the Bahamas (SCB).

In this section of our Trade Nation review, we will outline the various subsidiary entities of this broker, their addresses, and licensing information.

Trade Nation Australia Pty Ltd: The Australian subsidiary of this broker is located at level 17, 123 Pitt Street, NSW 2000, Australia, Sydney. It operates in full compliance with the standards of ASIC.

  • AFS License Number: 4266
  • ACN: 158 065 635

Trade Nation Ltd: This entity is located in the Bahamas. Its office address is the 2nd floor, Goodman’s Bay, Corporate Center, West Bay Street. P.O. Box, SP61567, Nassau, The Bahamas. They are regulated by the SCB.

  • Registration Number: 203493B
  • SCB Number: SIA-F216

Trade Nation Financial UK Ltd: This broker operates in the United Kingdom as Trade Nation Financial UK Ltd, located at 14 Bonhill Street, London, EC2A 4BX, United Kingdom. They are regulated by the FCA.

  • FCA Reference Number: 525164

Trade Nation Fees and Commissions

Trade Nation is a relatively low-cost broker as it does not charge clients a commission. However, there are also other trading and non-trading costs incurred when using its services. This section of our review covers all the fees that customers will expect to pay when trading on this platform.

Trading Fees

This broker does not charge any commissions on transactions for all its financial instruments. However, they do charge for spreads and overnight funding.


Unlike most brokers whose spreads tend to be variable depending on the prevailing market conditions, Trade Nation charges its customers a low fixed spread on its available financial assets. Traders who use this broker can be assured of unchanging spreads even in extremely busy market conditions.

These spreads could be from 0.6 pips on forex pairs, and from 2 pips, 1.8 pips, and 1 pip on commodities, cryptocurrencies, and bonds respectively. For shares, the spread varies depending on the exchange used. US shares have a minimum 4 cent per side fixed spread, while UK and other European stocks may have a minimum spread of 0.1% and 0.2% respectively.

Rollover/Swap Rates

Our review shows that this broker charges a fee on short and long positions held overnight on its platforms. However, there is no specific fee as a client’s rollover rates will depend on the one-month interbank rate for the currency of the market in which they are trading. For UK traders, long positions held beyond the market closing hours will cost the one-month London interbank rate plus an additional 2.5%. Traders who hold short positions overnight will be charged differently, depending on if the one-month interbank rate is more or less than 2.5%.

Non-Trading Fees

Trade Nation does not charge deposit, withdrawal, or inactivity fees. The only non-trading fee listed by this broker is a currency conversion fee. Below, we discuss this fee in greater detail.

Currency Conversion Fee

This fee is incurred by traders who make deposits in a different denomination than their account base currency. Trade Nation calculates this cost based on the exchange rate on the specific currency and a fixed markup.

Account Types at Trade Nation

This broker only offers a Demo and a Live Account. They do not provide additional options such as Professional or Islamic Accounts. In this section of the Trade Nation review, we provide details about both account types below.

Demo Account

A demo account enables traders to develop their trading strategies and gain a better understanding of Trade Nation’s trading platforms without risking any money. This account type simulates real-time trading conditions. However, instead of depositing actual funds, traders are provided with a virtual balance of $10,000.

Live Account

Live accounts provide access to a variety of financial assets, including cryptocurrencies, forex pairs, stock CFDs, bonds, and commodities. Traders who use this option will enjoy leverage of up to 1:200 on the majority of the broker’s available instruments, except stock CFDs which may differ as mentioned in the stock trading leverage section of this review. UK-based clients who opt for a live account, however, can only be offered leverage of up to 1:30 as per FCA regulatory requirements.

Trade Nation Trading Platforms

Trade Nation has a proprietary trading platform that operates as a web and mobile application. In addition to this, the broker also allows clients to place orders using the popular MetaTrader 4 platform. In this section of our Trade Nation review, we explore the attributes of the broker’s application for desktop and mobile, including their user interface, design, indicators, and security features. We also provide a detailed guide on the account opening processes across these devices.

Trade Nation Desktop Trading Platforms

Traders who prefer to place orders and monitor their trades with a desktop can easily do so via this broker’s web application or MetaTrader 4. However, for our review, we will be examining the Trade Nation proprietary web application. Below, we outline some essential features that users of this app will enjoy.

User Interface

The user interface on the desktop platform is easy to understand with only essential features added. New traders should be able to log into their Trade Nation accounts and begin navigating through the web application without much guidance.


The design of the Trade Nation web app makes it an excellent trading choice compared to many other brokers. The desktop platform is structured to enable users to access all the information they need about their trades with as a few clicks as possible. From the main page, clients can view all their preferred instruments via a watchlist. They can also see their open orders, transaction history, activity history, and account summary.


The search feature represents an easy way for traders to find or confirm the availability of specific financial instruments. Using this option, Trade Nation customers can save time and add all their preferred assets to a watchlist.


There is a wide range of trading indicators to choose from for traders who perform technical analysis. Clients can select any of these numerous indicators to enable them to effectively forecast the price action of financial assets.


The alert function on the web application helps customers to keep track of their open positions. Users can determine a specific price point at which they will receive a notification on a particular financial asset.

How to Open an Account on Trade Nation Desktop Trading Platform

  1. Visit the official Trade Nation website and select Start Trading at the top-right corner.
  2. Enter your name, email address, and password.
  3. Type in your country of residence.
  4. Determine your level of trading experience from the options provided.
  5. Choose your account type.
  6. If you opt for a live account, you will be required to provide additional personal information, beginning with your date of birth.
  7. Supply information about your prior trading knowledge and experience.
  8. Provide details about your income, financial portfolio, and employment status.
  9. Choose your preferred trading platform between MetaTrader 4 and the Trade Nation proprietary application, and your account base currency.
  10. Fill in your phone number and address.
  11. Type in your country of citizenship.
  12. Accept all stated terms and conditions.
  13. Send an email containing a valid means of identification and proof of residence to and await a response of verification.
  14. Once your account is verified, you can log in via the Trade Nation website and select Payments from the dropdown menu to fund your account.

Trade Nation Mobile Apps

Trade Nation has a proprietary mobile application for iOS and Android. It has a similar look with the web application and provides several valuable features, some of which are outlined below:

User Interface

Trade Nation’s mobile application provides an intuitive user interface. Navigation between tabs is very smooth and there is a minimal lag when using the charts. Although not as smooth as the desktop web version, this application still presents a relatively seamless experience for clients of this broker.


Users can set up an alert for when specific assets reach a particular price point. This feature is especially useful for traders who do not wish to spend so much time waiting on their charts.


The Trade Nation app boasts an easy-to-understand design with four tabs and a watchlist where clients can easily monitor all their preferred financial instruments.


From Alligator to Aroon, Disparity Index, and Gator Oscillator, the Trade Nation app provides a long list of indicators for clients to perform their technical analysis. The mobile app provides a convenient way for users to observe charts and use these trading tools to speculate on price action.


The search function makes it easy for users to find their preferred financial asset from the long list of assets offered by this broker. Between shares, indices, bonds, and forex, Trade Nation clients can navigate and place an order quickly using this feature.

How to Open an Account on Trade Nation Mobile App

  1. Find the Trade Nation app and download it from your device’s app store.
  2. On opening the app, select Sign Up at the bottom of the homepage.
  3. Next, you will be redirected to the Trade Nation website where you will begin the registration process by entering your name, email, and password.
  4. Fill in your country of residence.
  5. Answer a few questions and grant the broker the permission to access your personal data.
  6. Indicate your level of trading experience from the list of options provided.
  7. Choose between a live and demo account.
  8. If you opt for a live account, you will be required to enter your date of birth.
  9. Provide information regarding your knowledge of trading.
  10. Provide details on your funding sources and employment history.
  11. Choose your trading platform and determine your account base currency.
  12. Provide your phone number and house address.
  13. State your country of citizenship.
  14. Read and accept all the stated terms and conditions, including the client agreement and risk disclosure notice.
  15. Next, you will receive an email from requesting that you submit a few documents to complete your registration. These documents include a valid means of identification and proof of address.
  16. Once your account is verified, you can log into the Trade Nation website and select Deposit in the accounts section.

Trade Nation Payment Methods

This broker’s payment methods provide multiple options for its clients to make deposits to their live accounts. In this section of the broker’s review, we cover all available options for deposits and withdrawals at Trade Nation. We also explore other essential details such as processing times, minimum funding amounts, and all payment or withdrawal fees.


Trade Nation accepts bank transfers, credit cards, debit cards, and Skrill. However, clients in the UK will also have access to PayPal as an additional deposit method. With this broker, there is no minimum deposit and clients can begin trading with any amount they desire. However, they do not permit transfers from third-party accounts. Finally, deposits are free, although a trader may incur third-party charges depending on the specific payment method they use.

Payment MethodProcessing Time
Bank Transfers3 – 5 business days
Credit Cards24 hours
Debit Cards24 hours
PayPal (UK customers)Instant


With this broker, the trader’s funds are sent via the same method that was used to make a deposit. Also, just like with deposits, there are no withdrawal fees. However, there is a minimum withdrawal amount which is set at $50 or any other account base currency the trader chooses.

Trade Nation typically processes withdrawals within a day provided all the necessary information is accurately provided. Despite this, the exact time it will take for a trader to get their funds is determined by several factors including their chosen payment method and their banking service provider.

Account Base Currency

This review also explored the available currencies for opening an account with the broker. The broker allows eight account base currency options, including popular choices such as GBP, USD, EUR, AUD, and ZAR. It also offers NOK, DKK, and SER.

Trade Nation Research and Education

Trade Nation’s repository of educational resources can be considered limited compared to many of its competitors. It does not provide video tutorials, webinars, or e-books to enable their clients to get a better understanding of the financial markets. However, this broker offers several articles that mostly cover beginner-friendly topics such as Types of Trading, Technical Analysis, and Fundamental Analysis. Newbie traders who wish to learn about trading the financial markets and experienced traders who would like a refresher course can visit these articles which have been tagged Part-time to Pro. Furthermore, the broker also has a detailed list of market open times across various regions.

Trade Nation Customer Services

Our Trade Nation review shows that the broker’s customer support easily stands out as one of its most attractive features. They offer a wide range of channels for their clients to tender their grievances and obtain effective solutions in the shortest time possible. They provide a detailed FAQ section where traders can find solutions to common problems that other users of this broker encounter while using its platforms.

However, for more unique dilemmas, they offer a support line and an email option. Clients can reach a customer service representative by dialing  +44 (0) 203 180 5952 or sending an email to In addition to the choices listed above, Trade Nation also has a 24/7 live chat feature that affords its clients the opportunity to receive solutions to their complaints, regardless of the time of the day.

Finally, users of this broker can also reach out to them via their multiple social media platforms. Trade Nation has an online presence on the most popular internet communities, including Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.

Trade Nation Online Reviews

Online reviews of a broker provide a general overview of user experiences with their products and services. In addition to providing our evaluation of the various features of this broker, we also explore the perception of this broker online through popular discussion websites and review platforms such as Reddit, Quora, TrustPilot, and ForexPeaceArmy. Below, we summarize what people are saying about Trade Nation on each of these pages.

What Reddit Users Say About Trade Nation

Unfortunately, there has been no customer feedback concerning Trade Nation posted on Reddit.

What Quora Users Say About Trade Nation

Just like Reddit, our queries didn’t match any user review of this broker on Quora, which raises some doubt as to its popularity and reach. As such, it is impossible to provide you with an overview of this broker’s services from individuals on these social media platforms.

TrustPilot Users’ Review About Trade Nation

Fortunately, there are comments about this broker on TrustPilot, where it has a rating of 4.6 from 71 reviews. The feedback about Trade Nation on TrustPilot is largely positive, with most users citing their effective customer support and prompt response to client complaints. Users also mentioned this broker’s low spreads and quick account verification process among its standout features.

However, there were also a few criticisms of the login process as some clients stated that they experienced difficulties logging into their live accounts on several instances.

ForexPeaceArmy Users’ Review About Trade Nation

Finally, Trade Nation is unrated on ForexPeace Army as it has just one review. The reviewer praised the broker’s support staff, claiming that they provided valuable assistance during her account opening process. However, the reviewer also mentioned a lack of sufficient deposit options available on the broker’s platform.

Other Products and Services

Apart from all the services mentioned above in this Trade Nation review, this broker also offers other products that interested clients may find valuable. In this section, we consider all these additional products.

Affiliate Program

The Trade Nation Affiliate Program allows individuals to create a business by referring new customers to the broker’s platforms. They offer a generous commission system that allows clients to earn for each successful referral. This service is available to people who wish to convert their online presence into an additional stream of income.

Is Trade Nation Safe?

Our Trade Nating review indicates that the broker is a trustworthy option as a CFD broker. One of the reasons for this is that it is well-regulated by the SCB, FCA, and ASIC, three authorities that are generally regarded as top-tier regulatory bodies for financial and investment companies. Also, in addition to this broker’s regulations, it also has strict client money policies to ensure that the customer’s funds are protected from unexpected outcomes.

Trade Nation safety protocols dictate that the broker stores user funds in a segregated account using reputable banks such as Barclays Bank and Westpac Bank, located in the UK and Australia, respectively. This segregation ensures that the broker does not use its customer’s monies to meet any of its margin requirements. Also, it is a part of the UK Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Therefore eligible UK clients can receive up to £85,000 in compensation in the event of a default by this broker. It combines these initiatives with the best protection for its web and mobile apps, including SSL encryption.

Finally, Trade Nation provides negative account balance protection to eliminate the chances of clients getting indebted during their trading with the broker’s platform.

Bottom Line

Based on the insights from our Trade Nation review, this broker is a decent low-cost option for trading stock CFDs, forex, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies, as it provides efficient customer support and straightforward mobile and web trading platforms. It is also one of the few brokers that use a fixed-spread model instead of the more commonly used model where spreads fluctuate based on the prevailing market conditions. Unfortunately, this broker does not offer real stocks and ETFs. Another drawback is that their account options and educational resources are limited compared to some of its competitors. The absence of an Islamic or Professional Account could be a disappointment for traders who require such conditions to trade effectively.

When it comes to making deposits or withdrawals, there are four options, bank transfers, credit cards, debit cards, and Skrill. UK clients can also use PayPal in addition to the earlier-mentioned choices. This broker has set its minimum withdrawal amount at $50. However, there is no minimum deposit amount and traders do not incur any charges when they fund or withdraw money from their live accounts.

For all financial assets including CFD stocks, Trade Nation only makes a profit from the difference between the bid and ask prices (spreads). Spreads with this broker on some of its share CFDs can be as low as 0.2%. Also, leverage offered varies based on the particular instrument. Non-UK clients can enjoy a maximum leverage of 1:200 on some assets while UK clients can have access to maximum leverage from 1:30. For stock CFDs, leverage is typically lower and ranges between 1:5 and 1:20 depending on the location.

Q & A

Yes, it is. The broker is regulated across several countries, including the United Kingdom, Australia, and the Bahamas.

The headquarters is located in London, United Kingdom.

Yes, it has several customers with verified reviews on websites like TrustPilot.

Visit the Trade Nation website, click on login and enter your username and password.

The broker offers 1,000+ trading instruments, including Stocks, Forex pairs, Indices, Commodities, and Bonds.

No, you can’t. Trade Nation offers only CFD stocks on its platform.

The maximum leverage provided by this broker is 1:200.

Spreads start from as low as 0.6 pips on some Forex pairs like AUD/USD.

No, it is not. The broker does not charge a commission, or a fee for deposits and withdrawals. However, you can compare with other brokers to determine if its fees are suitable for you.

Yes, they do. You can trade up to 8+ cryptocurrencies with this broker.

Yes , you can.

The margin on Stock CFDs varies depending on your location. Clients in Australia and the United Kingdom have access to a 1:5 margin. However, those in the Bahamas have access to a 1:1.33 margin for US Stock CFDs, and 1:20 margin on UK and European Shares.

Yes, it does.

No, you cannot. Trade Nation only offers a regular account.

This broker offers a proprietary platform that is available as a web and mobile application.

Visit the MetaTrader 4 website and download the application for your mobile device or desktop.

You can fund your account via bank transfers, credit cards, debit cards, and Skrill.

There is no minimum deposit on Trade Nation.

Withdrawal times vary depending on a number of factors, including the processing bank and the payment method selected. However, most withdrawals typically get processed within a day.

There are relatively few reviews of this broker online. However, most of them are positive.

Beginners can trade with this broker. They also have articles that cover the basics of investment for new clients.