eToro Review 2024: Fees, Platforms, Apps, Safety, Pros & Cons

eToro has gained a reputation as a social leading broker with features such as its popular CopyTrader and international presence. This eToro review will examine the steps involved in opening a trading account, the broker’s regulatory status, fees and commissions, spreads, account types, safety measures, and its platforms and apps.

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78% of retail investors' accounts lose money.

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EURUSD 1.0 pips

What Can You Trade on eToro?

  • Stocks
  • ETFs
  • Forex
  • Commodities
  • Indices
  • Crypto

eToro Platforms


eToro Funding Methods

SkrillVisaWire TransferPOLi TransferMaster CardNetellerPaypaliDeal

eToro Review 2024: Fees, Platforms, Apps, Safety, Pros & Cons

eToro has gained a reputation as a social leading broker with features such as its popular CopyTrader and international presence. This eToro review will examine the steps involved in opening a trading account, the broker’s regulatory status, fees and commissions, spreads, account types, safety measures, and its platforms and apps.

  • author Saman Ali
  • Last updated 06/12/2023

78% of retail investors' accounts lose money.

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30,000,000 Users

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EURUSD 89 Points



What Can You Trade?

  • Stocks
  • ETFs
  • Forex
  • Commodities
  • Indices
  • Crypto

Funding Methods

SkrillVisaWire TransferPOLi TransferMaster CardNetellerPaypaliDeal
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Online Trading With Commission from $0

Assets: Stocks, Indices, Forex, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies & ETFs
Min Deposit: $10
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78% of retail investors' accounts lose money.


etoro Review

The visionaries behind eToro made trading accessible to everyone, anywhere, regardless of their level of experience or location. Today, the broker boasts over 2 million active accounts and is regulated by more than four bodies.

eToro Main Features

Minimum Deposit$10
RegulationASIC, FCA, CySEC, and FSA.
Number of Markets3,100+
CFD TradingNo

eToro has established itself as a reputable broker, and we will examine its stock trading options, leverage, and associated fees and commissions in this article. The wide variety of assets available on this broker, include forex pairs, individual stocks, commodities, crypto coins, and many more. Users can access over 17 different global stock exchanges to buy and sell shares.

This eToro review covers everything from the broker’s pros and cons, regulations, trading instruments, deposits and withdrawals, spreads, and educational materials. Furthermore, we will also explore user’s opinions on different platforms about the broker and a dedicated FAQ section in the end.


  • No Limit on Trading Volume
  • Multi-Regulated
  • Ability to Buy Fractional Shares
  • Zero Commission on Stocks
  • Multiple Payment Methods
  • Straightforward Account Opening Process
  • Proprietary Trading Platforms
  • Social Trading
  • Notifications on Volatility and News Events


  • Fewer Technical Tools
  • Higher Non-Trading Fees

Available Assets at eToro

etoro Review - Available Assets

In this section of eToro review, we will delve into each of the 3,500+ financial instruments that the broker offers to its clients, which include 50+ forex, 3,100+ shares, 25+ commodities, 70+ cryptocurrencies, 18+ indices, and 315+ ETFs.


eToro offers both real stocks and stock CFDs trading services, with a wide selection of 3,100+ stocks available to choose from. The broker offers stocks from some of the world’s largest and most well-known companies, such as Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Tesla, and Facebook. In addition to these popular tech stocks, it also offers access to stocks from other sectors, such as healthcare, finance, energy, and consumer goods. As an account holder, you have the option to purchase fractional shares, which is helpful if you have a limited budget. The broker offers 1:5 leverage to retail clients on stock trading.

etoro Review - Stocks


An index is a standard for comparing the growth of a set of stocks. Trading indices can be an excellent way to gain exposure to a broad market section without investing in each stock. eToro offers 18+ indices, including NASDAQ composite, S&P500, GER40, DJ30, Nikkei 225, FTSE 100 and many more. Retail clients in Europe, Australia and the UK can trade major indices with leverage up to 1:20 for major indices and 1:10 for non major indices. For clients of eToro in Seychelles, the leverage is up to 1:100 for major indices and 1:10 for non major indices.

etoro Review - Indices


The forex market is the world’s enormous and most liquid financial market. eToro offers 50+ different currency pairs for trading, including major pairs like EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, as well as exotic currency pairs like USD/ZAR, USD/THB, and more. For all retail clients of  Europe, UK  and Australian jurisdictions the firm offers 1:30 leverage for major currency pairs and 1:20 leverage for minor pairs.

etoro Review - Forex


From hard commodities like gold and oil to soft ones such as coffee, wheat and soybeans, investors can gain exposure to a variety of commodities through eToro. eToro offers 25+ commodities on its innovative trading platform. The company offers leverage of up to 1:10 on most commodities and up to 1:20 on trading gold for clients in the UK, EU and Australia.

etoro Review - Commodities


eToro’s crypto platform provides investors with a comprehensive solution for all their cryptocurrency needs. The platform acts as a trading platform, wallet, and exchange, all in one, offering clients a convenient and seamless experience. With access to 70+ different cryptocurrencies, it offers a wider range of digital assets than many other platforms in the industry. Popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Cardano are among the many options available for trading. Clients under UK, Europe and Australian jurisdiction Can leverage cryptos up to 1:2 and clients under eToro Seychelles Ltd. can access leverage up to 1:5.

etoro - Cryptocurrencies


ETFs are investment funds designed to track an underlying index’s performance and are traded on an exchange, such as the S&P 500 or the Nasdaq. Clients can invest in ETFs and can trade ETFs as CFDs. eToro offers 315+ ETFs from various asset classes, including equities, commodities, bonds, and currencies, with low fees and no commissions. The broker provides 1:5 leverage to its retail clients in most of its jurisdictions while clients from eToro (Seychelles) can get up to 1:10.

etoro - ETFs

Stocks Trading at eToro

etoro - Stock Trading

eToro’s investment platform operates differently from traditional exchanges or markets. It provides a seamless trading experience for users to buy or sell stocks within the platform, but transferring open positions to another broker or individual is not an option.

With eToro, you can buy and sell real stocks and CFDs, giving you access to a diverse range of global markets such as the US, Europe, and Asia. And the best part? Starting out doesn’t have to be expensive-. eToro offers fractional shares, which means you can invest in your favorite stocks for as little as $50.

But that’s not all. The broker’s innovative platform also offers to hold your stocks on your behalf in a segregated omnibus account, and you can rest easy knowing your investments are safe and secure.

Available Stock Exchanges at eToro

A stock exchange is a marketplace for stockbrokers and traders to purchase and sell securities such as shares, bonds, and other financial instruments. From NYSE to HKEX, clients on eToro have 17 global exchanges at their disposal to access shares from. Clients can buy shares and share CFDs on a range of markets in these exchanges.

USANational Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (NASDAQ)
New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
UKLondon stock Exchange (LSE)
Hong KongHong Kong stock exchange
AustraliaSydney stock exchange
Saudi ArabiaTadawul stock exchange
EUFrankfurt stock exchange
Paris stock exchange (Euronext Paris)
SIX Swiss Exchange
 Nasdaq Stockholm
Madrid stock exchange
Borsa Italiana (Milan stock exchange)
Oslo stock exchange (Euronext Oslo)
Brussels stock exchange (Euronext)
 Euronext Lisbon
Nasdaq Copenhagen
Nasdaq OMX Nordic

Stock Trading Fees & Commission at eToro

eToro users with accounts under CYSEC and FCA regulation can enjoy zero commission on all available stocks on the platform. In contrast, those under ASIC regulation can enjoy zero commission only on US stocks. However, zero commission only applies when investing in non-leveraged BUY/SELL stock positions and not on stock CFDs. It is important to note that zero-commission stock investing is available to all the broker’s users except for those based in the US. The broker doesn’t charge ticket, management, and rollover fees on trading stocks. On the other hand, overnight fees and a spread of 0.15% is charged on holding stock CFDs. In addition to the actual cost of the share, eToro charges various spreads and fees for trading stocks and a withdrawal fee of $5. You may also incur a currency conversion fee on non-USD deposits and withdrawals.

Stock Trading Leverage at eToro

The competent authorities typically regulate the maximum leverage that can be offered to retail clients in the respective jurisdictions where the broker operates. The leverage limits may vary depending on the volatility of the underlying assets being traded. In the case of eToro, the maximum leverage for stocks and ETFs offered as CFDs to retail clients is up to 1:5 for clients in EU, AU, and UK and up to 1:10 for clients under eToro (Seychelles) Ltd. It’s important to note that higher leverage can lead to higher potential profits but also higher potential losses, so traders should always be aware of the risks involved and use leverage responsibly.

eToro Regulation

You need a broker you can trust – one recognized by the regulatory authority in your region. Lucky for you, eToro has acquired licenses worldwide to legitimize its financial operations. Here in this section of eToro review, you will find all the essential details on its regulation and offices.

eToro (Europe) Ltd.: This entity is located in Cyprus and regulated and authorized by the Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission (CySEC). It has its office address at 4 Profiti Ilia Street, Germasogeia, Limassol, Cyprus.

  • Registration Number: HE200585
  • License Number: 109/10

eToro (Europe) Ltd.: The entity works as a provider of crypto-related financial services. It is registered with De Nederlandsche Bank N.V. (DNB)

eToro (UK) Ltd.: Regulated in the UK by the tier-1 regulator Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the entity is located on the 24th floor, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5AB, United Kingdom.

  • Registration Number: 7973792
  • Firm Reference Number: 583263

eToro AUS Capital Limited: It is authorized and licensed by another tier-1 regulator-Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). This entity is located at Level 3, 60 Castlereagh Street, Sydney NSW 2000 Australia.

  • License Number: 491139

eToro USA LLC: Registered with and recognized by FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network), the entity works as a Money Services Business. It has an office address at 221 River St., 9th Floor, Hoboken, NJ 07030, USA.

eToro USA Securities Inc.: The entity is a member of FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) and SIPC (Securities Investor Protection Corporation).

eToro (Seychelles) Ltd.: The Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA) regulates this entity. It is located at eToro Suites, S45 2nd Floor, Espace Building, Victoria, Seychelles.

eToro Fees and Commissions

etoro Review - Fees & Commission

At eToro, fees can broadly be classified into trading and non-trading fees. We will dive into the company’s fee structure below.

Trading Fees

When it comes to trading stocks and ETFs, eToro has a zero-commission policy, which implies that there are no commissions or swap fees to be paid for trading these instruments. However, there are other types of trading fees that you may have to incur. Let us delve into these fees in detail in this eToro review.


The spreads on eToro’s platform are not fixed and can fluctuate depending on market conditions and the financial instrument being traded. For instance, the minimum spread for OIL is 5 pips, whereas, for NASDAQ 100, it is 24 pips. The spreads for non-US stocks and ETFs are 0.15%, while for US-based ones, it’s a bit more complex, with a spread of 0.15% charged for stocks over $3 and only 2 cents per unit held for those priced at $3 or less.

Overnight/Rollover/Swap Fees

eToro charges overnight fees on CFD positions that are held open after trading hours. The fees are calculated on the number of units and a fixed fee per unit. The fees are meant to reflect the market conditions and cover the costs associated with holding a position overnight. The fee amount depends on the position’s direction and value, and it is automatically deducted from the available balance.

Non-Trading Fees

While there are no deposit and account setup fees at eToro, there are other fees that you may incur. Overnight currency conversion, inactivity, and withdrawal fees are among them.

Withdrawal Fees

For each withdrawal request on eToro, you will incur a $5 withdrawal fee.

Currency Conversion Fee

When making deposits or withdrawals on the eToro platform, it’s important to note that the platform operates in USD. As a result, if you transact in a currency other than the supported currencies, such as EUR, GBP, AUD, RMB, THB, IDR, MYR, VND, PHP, SEK, DKK, NOK, PLN, CZK, and USD, you may incur a currency conversion fee charged by your payment provider. However, if you choose to deposit funds from your eToro Money account, the USD conversion fees will be waived. For example, depositing £1,000 through eToro Money would save you approximately £5 in conversion fees.

Inactivity Fee

If your eToro account remains inactive for a year or more, you may be charged a monthly fee of $10 on any remaining balance. This fee serves as an inactivity fee and is charged to keep your account active. It is important to note that eToro will not use any open positions to cover the cost of the fee, meaning that you will still have access to your existing trades even if you incur this fee. To avoid this fee, it is recommended that you log in to your account at least once every 12 months or withdraw your remaining balance.

Account Types at eToro

etoro - Account Types

eToro offers its clients four types of accounts, catering to the needs of all types of traders. These include a Retail Account, a Professional Account, an Islamic Account, and a Demo Account.

Demo Account

The Demo Account is an excellent tool for traders of all levels who want to hone their skills before trading with real money.

With the Demo Account, traders get access to all of eToro’s trading features and functionalities, including the broker’s user-friendly platform and advanced analysis tools. Demo account holders are also given $100,000 in virtual funds to test their strategies in a risk-free environment that simulates the experience of trading with a live account, taking into account all possible costs.

With eToro’s Demo Account, clients have an excellent resource to test out new trading strategies and explore the wide range of financial instruments offered by the broker. You can experiment with anything from cryptocurrencies to ETFs, and everything in between, without risking any of your hard-earned funds.

Retail Account

If you’re new to trading, the retail account offered by eToro can be a great option to start your trading journey. With a retail account, you get access to all the financial instruments available on the platform, including stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, and more. Plus, you receive certain protections, such as negative balance protection and margin closeout restrictions, which can help you manage your risk more effectively. Another advantage of eToro’s Retail Account is its low minimum deposit requirement, which makes it accessible to traders of all budgets. The broker also offers competitive spreads and no hidden fees, so you can trade confidently, knowing you’re getting a fair deal.

One thing to remember is that because of regulatory requirements, the maximum leverage you can use with a retail account may be limited. Nonetheless, clients can benefit from eToro’s social trading features to learn from other successful traders and even copy their trades. It is a great way to gain experience and learn new strategies without taking on too much risk.

Professional Account

eToro also offers a Professional account for experienced traders who meet certain eligibility criteria. With a Professional account, you can enjoy higher leverage and more trading flexibility than a retail account. You’ll also have access to a wider range of financial instruments and markets, including futures and options trading.

However, it’s important to note that the higher leverage comes with increased risk, and you will lose the protections that are granted to retail accounts, such as negative balance protection and margin closeout restrictions. Additionally, Professional accounts are not eligible for the Investor Compensation Fund, which covers up to €20,000 in the event of a broker’s insolvency. As a professional client, you’re expected to have a higher level of knowledge and experience and, therefore, greater responsibility and accountability for your trades.

To qualify for professional account status, eToro requires clients to meet at least two of the following criteria:

  1. Have conducted frequent trades of significant size on the relevant market.
  2. Possess an investment portfolio valued at more than €500,000,
  3.  Or have professional experience in the financial sector for at least one year.

It’s worth noting that only clients using eToro UK and eToro EU are eligible to apply for professional account status.

Islamic Account

For Muslims, interest is not allowed under Islamic law, which means they cannot deal with it in any way, either paying or taking it. Therefore, if you hold an Islamic account with eToro, you won’t be charged any rollover fees for contracts that last more than 24 hours. You will also not have to pay any account management fees since eToro generates its revenue only through spreads. Another advantage of having an Islamic account is that you can trade with leverage without worrying about interest charges.

eToro Trading Platforms

etoro - Trading Platforms

eToro’s trading platform was created with the goal of making trading accessible to everyone, regardless of experience level. They have succeeded in this mission by crafting a user-friendly interface that incorporates a multitude of innovative features to aid their clients in managing their funds and trades more effectively. Let’s take a closer look at the exciting trading platforms offered by eToro.

eToro Desktop Trading Platforms

eToro’s desktop trading platform is a must-have for traders, and it stands out for its user-friendly and innovative design. Its popularity is attributed to its ease of use, and this eToro review will explore its other key features in more depth.

etoro - Desktop Trading Platform

2FA Verification

For extra protection, eToro’s 2FA requires users to provide a second form of verification in addition to their password. It can be a code generated by an authentication app, a text message, or a push notification on a mobile device.

etoro - 2 Factor Verification

Smart Portfolio

eToro’s trading platforms provide Smart Portfolios, which are pre-made investment strategies offering a variety of investment portfolios across multiple categories.

etoro Review - Smart Portfolio

Search Functions

The search function on the eToro platform allows users to easily find and filter through different financial instruments, including stocks, cryptocurrencies, and commodities.

etoro - Search Function

Trading Interface

Providing a modern and futuristic design, eToro is renowned for its intuitive and user friendly interface.

etoro - Trading Interface

How to Open a Live Account on eToro’s Desktop Trading Platform

  1. To sign up for eToro, simply visit, click “start investing,” and provide your username, email address, and new password. Alternatively, you can register with your Google or Facebook account.

eToro - Desktop Account Opening Process

  1. Next, proceed by clicking on the “Continue” button.

eToro - Desktop Account Opening Process

  1. Provide your basic personal details such as your full name, gender, and date of birth, ensuring that they match your passport or ID.

eToro - Desktop Account Opening Process

  1. Enter your current address.

eToro - Desktop Account Opening Process

  1. You’ll be asked to answer questions about your experience with trading various financial instruments and leveraged products.

eToro - Desktop Account Opening Process

  1. You’ll be asked to provide information about your trading knowledge. Simply select the option that most closely matches your level of experience.

eToro - Desktop Account Opening Process

  1. Choose the option that best describes your reason for trading and respond to all questions regarding your upcoming trading activities.

eToro - Desktop Account Opening Process

  1. Provide accurate information about your financial status.

eToro - Desktop Account Opening Process

  1. To complete the account set up process, you’ll need to provide proof of identification, either by uploading a document or typing in your national ID number. Before confirming, make sure to read through the terms and agreement. Once you’re ready, select “confirm” to complete the process.
  2. Once you have successfully opened an account, you can deposit by clicking “Deposit Funds” on the left side window pane.

eToro - Desktop Account Opening Process

  1. A dialogue box will appear. From the drop-down menu choose your desired payment options. Enter the amount to be deposited.

eToro - Desktop Account Opening Process

  1. Click deposit. Depending on your payment method, funds may take a minute to 4-7 business days to be reflected in your account. After making a deposit you can start trading as you like.

eToro Mobile Apps

The mobile version of the eToro trading platform is available for download on Android and Apple devices, and it offers various features that enhance its usability. Here are some of the pivotal features that make it a renowned mobile application.

etoro Review - Mobile App

2FA Verification

eToro has implemented 2FA authentication as an additional security measure for its users’ accounts.

etoro - Mobile App - 2FA Verification

Alarm & Notification

eToro provides this feature, which can be customized to alert users about specific events, such as price changes, market news, or when a trade is executed.

etoro- App- Alarm & Notification

Search Function

The search function on the platform allows users to easily find and explore different assets, traders, and markets.

etoro - Mobile App - Search Function

Order Types

eToro offers several types of orders, including market orders, limit orders, stop-loss orders, trailing stop-loss orders, and one-click trading.

etoro - Mobile App - Order Types

How to Open a Live Account on eToro’s Mobile Trading App

  1. Download the eToro App from the App Store or Google PlayStore on your mobile device.

etoro - Mobile Account Opening Process

  1. Enter your email ID or Username and create a new password or sign in with your Apple or Google or Facebook account.

etoro - Mobile Account Opening Process

  1. Click the “Continue” button.

etoro - Mobile Account Opening Process

  1. Provide the relevant information and make sure that the information you provide, such as your name, gender, and date of birth, is an exact match to the details on your ID.

etoro - Mobile Account Opening Process

  1. Enter your address details.

etoro - Mobile Account Opening Process

  1. After registering for an account, you’ll be prompted to verify your phone number.

etoro - Mobile Account Opening Process

  1. Once you’ve completed the verification process, you can deposit funds into your account and begin trading.

etoro - Mobile Account Opening Process

eToro Payment Methods

etoro Review - Payment Methods

In this section of etoro review, we’ll take a deep dive into the variety of funding options available on the broker, helping you choose the perfect one to suit your trading needs.


eToro offers a range of payment methods for depositing funds into your account, allowing you to choose the most convenient option for you. Hence, the broker can accommodate your chosen payment method easily, whether a credit card, debit card, electronic wallet, or direct bank transfer.

However, it’s important to note that some payment methods are only available in specific regions, so you’ll need to check which ones are available in your country of residence. Additionally, each payment method has its own maximum deposit policy, so you’ll need to make sure that your deposit amount falls within the allowed limit. Note that, like most brokers, eToro doesn’t charge any fee for depositing money.

If you’re a first-time user residing in the US or UK, you’ll only need to deposit a minimum of $10. Depending on your country’s regulations, the minimum first-time deposit ranges from $10 to $10,000. For all deposits, excluding the First Time Deposit, which differs by country, a minimum amount of $50 is required. That being said, Israeli clients have a higher minimum deposit amount of $10,000 to start trading on eToro.

Lastly, if you choose to deposit funds via bank transfer, please note that the minimum amount required is $500, and it may take up to 4 to 7 business days for your funds to be credited to your eToro account. For faster account processing, it’s recommended to use one of the instant payment methods available.

Payment MethodTransaction TimeMax. DepositWithdrawal AvailableWithdrawal Processing Time
PayPalInstant$10,000YesUp to 2 business days
eToro MoneyInstant£250K/(Unlimited for Black Card holders)YesInstant withdrawal
Credit Cards and Debit CardsInstant$40,000YesUp to 10 business days
NetellerInstant$10,000YesUp to 2 business days
SkrillInstant$10,000YesUp to 2 business days
Rapid TransferInstant$5,500N.AN.A
iDealInstant$50,000 YesUp to 2 business days
PayoneerInstant$40,000YesUp to 3 business days


Bank Transfer4-7 daysUnlimited YesUp to 10 business days
Online Banking – Trustly(EU region)Instant$40,000YesUp to 2 business day


Not only can you withdraw your funds from eToro whenever you like, but you also have a range of payment methods to choose from. For each withdrawal made, the broker imposes a $5 fee. To ensure that a withdrawal request is approved, the withdrawal amount should be more than $30. Nonetheless, clients have the flexibility to withdraw their funds at any time, up to the amount available in their trading account, excluding the margin used..

Account Base Currency

eToro, a multi-asset trading platform, has only one base currency, which is the United States Dollar (USD). This means that all account balances, trading activity, and profits/losses are denominated in USD. However, the broker does allow users to deposit funds in other currencies, which will be converted to USD at the prevailing exchange rate. Likewise, users can also withdraw funds from their eToro accounts in their local currency, subject to exchange fees and other charges.

eToro Research and Education

etoro Review - Research & Education

Learning never stops on eToro! As the financial markets continue to evolve, the broker provides updated educational resources and research materials to keep traders in the know. eToro Academy provides a wealth of articles, videos, and guides to deepen your understanding of the financial markets and trading strategies. With eToro Plus, clients can stay on top of the latest market trends with daily, weekly, and quarterly summaries.

For exclusive insights from successful traders, check out “The Bull Club” webinars. eToro’s community-driven learning approach is a game-changer for traders. Gone are the days of learning in isolation. With eToro, traders can connect, collaborate, and learn from each other in a dynamic and interactive environment. The broker’s social trading features allow traders to follow and copy the trades of successful traders, giving them a front-row seat to their strategies and insights. Plus, with eToro’s bustling community of traders, you can share ideas, discuss market trends, and collaborate on trading strategies with like-minded individuals. Clients can Connect with other traders, share ideas, and collaborate on strategies through eToro’s community-driven approach.

Moreover, eToro’s commitment to education extends beyond its platform. It regularly hosts webinars and events featuring prominent speakers from the financial industry. These events provide traders with valuable insights, tips, and strategies to help them succeed in the markets.

eToro Customer Services

etoro Review - Customer Service

In this part of the eToro review, let’s probe into the company’s customer support team, which can be contacted in two ways. The first is by submitting a support ticket, where you provide your email address and describe the nature of your inquiry or complaint, along with any relevant files. Once checked, you’ll receive a response within 48 business hours. The second option is to use their live chat function, available 24/5 to all depositing clients.

To compensate for these limited options, eToro has a highly informative and well-organized FAQ page that answers almost any question about the broker. The questions are categorized, and there’s also a search bar for quick access. This ensures that users can find the answers they need without having to contact customer support.

eToro has a strong social media presence on popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, making it easy for clients to stay up-to-date with the latest news and announcements.

The broker offers the following means for clients to reach out to their customer support team:

Email :

eToro (Europe) Ltd.: +357 2 502 0523

eToro (UK) Ltd.: +44 (0) 203 150 0200

eToro AUS Capital Pty Ltd.: +612 8039 1800

eToro (USA) LLC: +1 (888) 778 7962

eToro Online Reviews

This section of the review explores some user’s comments about eToro on online platforms like Quora, Reddit, Trust pilot and Forexpeacearmy.

What Do Reddit Users Say About eToro?

Reddit is a social networking site where users engage in discussions, post queries and vote on various topics. While searching through Reddit, we found both positive and negative reviews of the broker. Some were praising the broker, while others looked unsatisfied and unhappy.

This particular user on Reddit is praising eToro for being legitimate and offering fractional shares to its clients. The user is guiding others that you should hold the position long enough to rise, so its value will cover the commission associated with buy and sell sides.

etoro Review - Reddit

What Do Quora Users Say About eToro?

Quora is another platform where users post queries, and other users help them answer the questions. During our search through Quora about eToro, we found that people have mixed views. Some were satisfied with the broker, while some were asking others to steer clear of the broker.

This Quora user commented that eToro is pretty decent for stock trading, provided you are familiar with CFDs. In his opinion, eToro is mainly aimed at trading forex and cryptos.

etoro Review - Quora

Lutz Enke on Quora stated that Etoro is horrible for stock trading. In his opinion, they create entertainment, and as for serious trading, their trading costs are way too high to be affordable.

etoro Review - Quora

TrustPilot Users’ Review About eToro

eToro received a noteworthy 4.3 rating on TrustPilot. A significant majority of approximately 60% of the 18,878 reviews express satisfaction with their dealings with the company.

etoro Review - Trustpilot

Chris Salerno on Trustpilot looks very pleased with the overall experience of eToro. He looks pleased with the wide range of stocks and cryptos. In his opinion, having a dedicated manager is bliss.

etoro Review

ForexPeaceArmy Users’ Review About eToro

ForexPeaceArmy users have bestowed the broker a meager rating of 1.73 stars out of 229 reviews, underscoring that most of their users have had negative encounters with eToro.

etoro Review - ForexPeaceArmy

This user on Forexpeacearmy looked unhappy and unsatisfied with the broker and called it a friendly and unstable platform. He further complained about their customer service, saying that their tickets had never been solved but rather been marked as solved.

etoro Review - ForexPeaceArmy

Other Products and Services

etoro - Other Products & Services

In this section of the eToro review, we will explore the additional products and services the broker offers, which set it apart from the rest of the pack. In addition to its trading platform, the broker also offers CopyTrader and an affiliate program.


If you’re looking for an effortless way to trade like a pro, eToro’s CopyTrader feature is for you. With CopyTrader, clients can replicate the trading activities of top-performing traders on the platform with just a few clicks – and the best part is, it’s completely free! No need to spend countless hours analyzing market trends or learning complex trading strategies. Just sign up for an eToro account, choose the traders you want to copy, and let the magic happen!

CopyTrader is perfect for beginners who are just starting with trading and want to learn from the best in the business. Clients will be able to follow the moves of successful traders, benefit from their expertise, and potentially see your own portfolio grow. Plus, with no management costs involved, you can enjoy all the perks of copying without any hidden fees.

etoro Review - CopyTrader

Popular Investor Program

eToro understands the value of successful traders who share their expertise, and that’s why they’ve introduced the Popular Investor program. This program not only allows traders to gain recognition and grow their following but also provides them with a chance to earn extra income from their trading activities.

Signing up for the program is easy, and traders can choose from four different levels: Cadet, Champion, Elite, and Elite Pro. Each level comes with its own set of requirements, including monthly payments, minimum average monthly assets under copy (AUC), and minimum average monthly equity as shown in the following table.

etoro - Popular Investor Program

As a popular investor on eToro’s CopyTrader platform, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy some amazing perks based on your status. The list goes on from 24/6 customer service to fee-free withdrawals, complimentary tickets to conferences, sports events, and concerts, and even subscriptions to The Wall Street Journal and Financial Times. You could also receive investment book reimbursements up to $100, access to a TipRanks Premium subscription, and a dedicated client relationship manager in the Popular Investor Team. And that’s not all – as an elite or elite pro-investor, you may even receive invitations to visit eToro’s global offices.

Is eToro Safe?

If you’re wondering about eToro safety and its trustworthiness, we can assure you in this review that it is a secure platform to the best of our knowledge. The broker is regulated by several respected regulatory authorities worldwide, including the FCA, CySEC, and ASIC, which helps to minimize the risk of fraud or unethical practices. These regulatory bodies ensure that customer funds and rights are protected.

Furthermore, in some jurisdictions such as the FCA and CySEC, clients are entitled to compensation in the unlikely event of eToro’s insolvency. The FSCS (FCA) offers up to £85,000 in coverage, while the ICS (CySEC) offers up to €20,000 in coverage.

In addition to the regulatory protection, eToro has also purchased insurance from Lloyd’s of London, which provides coverage of up to €1 million, £1 million, or AUD 1.5 million (depending on your country of residence) to all clients at no cost. This insurance is automatically granted and does not require any additional paperwork.

It’s worthwhile to note that this insurance does not cover any losses related to crypto assets trading that are not CFDs. Nevertheless, clients of eToro (Europe) Ltd., eToro (UK) Ltd., and eToro AUS Capital Limited can claim this insurance if they suffer losses in the event of eToro’s bankruptcy or any Event of Misconduct.

Bottom Line

eToro is a popular investment platform, serving over 2 million traders in 140 countries. It’s authorized and regulated by various authorities like FCA, ASIC, FSA and CySEC, making its operations legal in all supported regions. The platform offers over 10 languages, allowing international traders to carry out transactions in their preferred language. In this eToro review, we dived into a broad range of financial instruments; 50+ forex pairs, 3,100+ shares, 25+ commodities, 70+ cryptocurrencies, 18+ indices, and 315+ ETFs offered by the broker. Users can invest in real shares or trade CFDs of the stocks on eToro

The company offers commission-free stock trading with a maximum leverage of 1:5 for retail clients. eToro offers 17+ exchanges to its clients, providing a truly global trading experience. From healthcare to consumer goods, clients can access thousands of shares and share CFDS in global exchanges. On top of that, customers can pick from a range of payment options based on their preferences and requirements. All in all, eToro is a safe and trustworthy multi-asset broker with various protective measures to protect its clients’ funds.

Additionally, the platform offers different account types, including demo, retail, professional, and Islamic accounts, to meet the needs of its clients. eToro’s CopyTrade feature, educational resources, and zero-commission fees on stocks and ETFs make it an attractive brokerage.

Q & A

eToro was established in Israel in 2007. Its co-founders, the Assia brothers, were driven to make it possible for anybody to trade and invest in the world’s markets easily and transparently.

Open the web-based platform or mobile app and click the sign-in button. Type your username and password to sign in. Else you can sign in using your Facebook or Google account.

Yes, regulated with multiple authorities, eToro is a safe and trustworthy broker.

No, eToro UK has a wider range of offerings than other countries.

Yes, the broker is regulated by multiple regulatory bodies including ASIC, FCA, CYSEC, FSA, and others.

You can trade 3,500+ trading instruments, including stocks, commodities, cryptos, forex and ETFs.

Depending on your country’s regulations, the minimum first-time deposit ranges from $10 to $10,000.

Depending on the withdrawal method, withdrawal may take 2 to 10 business days. However, with eToro money, clients can withdraw instantly.

eToro charges a $5 fee on all withdrawal requests.

  1. Using your eToro credentials, you may quickly access the eToro Money cryptocurrency wallet.
  2. From the left-hand menu, select Withdraw Funds.
  3. Enter the desired withdrawal amount on the ‘How much money would you like to withdraw?’ field.
  4. Click on ‘Continue.’
  5. Select a currency.
  6. Verify if the default payment method is accurate.
  7. You can then click on ‘Submit’.

The minimum amount to withdraw from the broker is $30.

For trading crypto, eToro charges a 1% crypto fee.

The non-trading fees on the broker are high.

eToro has both positive and negative reviews on social platforms.

eToro has both positive and negative reviews on social platforms.

Yes, stocks on the broker pay dividends.

eToro starting spread is 1.0 pips.

There is a 1% fee when buying and selling crypto on the broker.

The maximum leverage available to retail clients depends on the jurisdiction and the underlying instrument. Clients from the UK and EU can use up to 1:30 leverage, while clients from the FSA jurisdiction can use up to 1:400 leverage.

If you are in UK or European jurisdiction, luckily, you can apply for professional account status if you meet at least two of the following criteria:

  1. Have conducted frequent trades of significant size on the relevant market.
  2. Possess an investment portfolio valued at more than €500,000,
  3.  Or have professional experience in the financial sector for at least one year.

NO, there is no additional fee for copy trading.

Using your eToro credentials, you may quickly access the eToro Money cryptocurrency wallet.