AXI Review 2024: Fees, Platforms, Apps, Safety, Pros & Cons

AXI is an online trading broker that offers access to various financial markets, including forex, stocks, indices, and commodities. The broker provides clients with advanced trading tools, competitive pricing, and excellent customer support. This article reviews the broker’s fees, regulations, verification steps, safety, spread, leverage, and deposit & withdrawal methods.

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82.7% of retail investors' accounts lose money.

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What Can You Trade on AXI?

  • Stocks
  • ETFs
  • Forex
  • Commodities
  • Indices
  • Crypto

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AXI Funding Methods

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AXI Review 2024: Fees, Platforms, Apps, Safety, Pros & Cons

AXI is an online trading broker that offers access to various financial markets, including forex, stocks, indices, and commodities. The broker provides clients with advanced trading tools, competitive pricing, and excellent customer support. This article reviews the broker’s fees, regulations, verification steps, safety, spread, leverage, and deposit & withdrawal methods.

  • author Usman Ahmed
  • Last updated 06/12/2023

82.7% of retail investors' accounts lose money.

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60,000+ Customers

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What Can You Trade?

  • Stocks
  • ETFs
  • Forex
  • Commodities
  • Indices
  • Crypto

Funding Methods

SkrillVisaWire TransferMaster CardNetellerBitcoin
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78% of retail investors' accounts lose money.


AXI is a multi-regulated brokerage firm based in Australia. Founded in 2007, the company started as a two-person operation and has since expanded to become one of the largest online trading firms. The broker provides forex, indices, stock, commodities, and cryptocurrency CFDs trading solutions to both retail and institutional clients. The broker also facilitates social trading, making it feasible for those facing time constraint issues or lacking sufficient trading knowledge to trade themselves.

AXI Main Features

Minimum Deposit$5
RegulationFSA, FCA, ASIC & DFSA
Number of Markets50+
CFD TradingNo

This AXI review will discuss its fees and commissions, and explore the available account types. We will also explain in detail the trading instruments, regulations, trading platforms, available exchanges, the deposit and withdrawal methods, and educational resources. Lastly, the safety precautions will be discussed, followed by investors’ opinions on whether the broker is reliable and trustworthy. 


  • Solid Regulatory Framework
  • No Minimum Deposits
  • Easy Signup Process
  • Swap-free Islamic Accounts
  • Offers Social Trading
  • Excellent Educational Resources
  • Efficient Customer Support


  • No Proprietary Platform
  • No Guaranteed Stop Loss (GSL)
  • Inactivity Fees

Available Assets at AXI

AXI provides access to multiple markets, including stock, forex, commodities, metals, and cryptocurrencies. However, the product range is less extensive than what other brokerage firms offer. Let’s review tradable instruments available under each asset class. 


AXI share CFDs give you access to the world’s most liquid stock markets, such as US Stocks, UK Stocks, and European Stocks, at low spreads and no commission. You have 50+ stock CFDs available at your disposal while trading with AXI. You can use leverage up to 1:20 to trade stocks on this broker.  


An index measures the market value and performance of a group of assets, such as stocks in a specific industry or sector. Since the price of an index isn’t directly tied to any particular firm, trading indices is often seen as a more secure investment strategy than trading individual equities. AXI features Dow Jones, S&P 500 Index, the FTSE 100, the Euro Stoxx 50, and the NASDAQ 100, among other major stock market indexes traded worldwide.


Foreign exchange trading involves buying and selling one currency to benefit or hedge against the fluctuations in the value of another currency. AXI lets you speculate over 70+ forex pairs like GBP/USD, GBP/JPY, USD/CHF, etc.


The company provides clients with a straightforward and user-friendly trading platform for all of its commodities, stocked with cutting-edge features to aid in making informed trading decisions. At AXI, you can trade 10+ commodities, including Gold, Silver, Copper, Oil, and Coffee.


Like traditional forex, crypto trading entails speculating over the crypto prices as to whether the value of a particular coin, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum, would rise or fall in the future. You can trade 27+ crypto CFDs with Axi without actually buying the cryptocurrency. 

Stocks Trading at AXI

Stock trading generally refers to buying and selling of stock. Trading stocks is a challenging and high-risk business, but with proper understanding, you can reduce your exposure to risk and raise your chances of success. There are two types of stock trading, i.e., long-term investments and day trading, which we will be reviewing below;

You practise long-term investing when you invest for the long haul, perhaps five years or more. It’s a strategy for making substantial returns from investments in the stock market or equities mutual funds, which pay off only if you stick with them over the long term. On the other hand, day trading stocks involves repeatedly buying and selling the same stock throughout a single trading day. Day traders speculate on daily price fluctuations of the stocks and attempt to capitalise on them within the following few minutes, hours, or days.

Available Stock Exchanges at AXI

AXI allows you to trade stocks listed on major exchanges worldwide. However, you can only trade them as CFDs since it doesn’t support buying or selling real shares. Access to many stock exchange marketplaces makes AXI worthwhile for trading share CFDs. You can trade 50+ stock CFDs and benefit from the growing prosperity of the world’s economy. But the broker doesn’t provide real stocks, so you can only speculate on their worth through contracts for difference (CFDs). While trading share CFDs don’t provide you with the right of ownership, you can’t receive dividends either. 

Here is a quick review of the available stock exchanges from different countries in the table below.  

Countries Stock Exchanges 
United States of AmericaNew York Stock Exchange 
American Stock Exchange 
Miami Stock Exchange 
Philadelphia Stock Exchange 
EuropeFrankfurt Exchange
London Stock Exchange
Six Stock Exchange 
B.X. Exchange

Stock Trading Fees & Commission at AXI

When it comes to trading stocks, the broker will only levy spread fees and overnight swap costs if those fees are relevant. Trading stocks with AXI does not subject you to any fees in the form of commissions.

Stock Trading Leverage at AXI

Leverage is when you use borrowed money to open a trade. To help clients get the most out of the market, even with minimal finances, brokers lend them money up to a specific limit, called leverage. Leverage’s allure is deceptive because of the high stakes it involves. While the exposure to the market increases, so does the potential for financial loss. AXI allows clients to use a leverage of up to 1:20 while trading share CFDs. 

AXI Regulations

AXI is a trademark of AxiCorp Financial Services Pty Ltd, authorised to conduct business in many countries. Below we’ll review the broker’s regulatory framework and share details about the company’s adherence to local laws in different jurisdictions. 

AxiTrader Limited (AxiTrader): This is an offshore entity based in St Vincent and the Grenadines with an official address as Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, PO Box 1510, Beachmont Kingstown, St Vincent and the Grenadines. The firm holds registration with the Registrar of International Business Companies and the Financial Services Authority.

  • Registration Number: 25417 BC 2019

Axi Financial Services (UK) Limited: This is a UK-based entity registered in England and Wales. The company is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and is situated at 1 Finsbury Market, London EC2A 2BN.

  • Registration Number: 6050593
  • Firm Reference Number: 466201

AxiCorp Financial Services Pty Ltd (AxiCorp): AxiCorp (ACN 127 606 348) is authorised and regulated by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC). The firm’s official address is Level 13/73 Miller St, North Sydney NSW 2060, Australia.

  • Registration Number: ACN 127 606 348
  • License Number: AFSL 318232

AxiCorp Financial Services Pty Ltd (DIFC Branch): The entity holds regulations from the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) and has a category 04 licence with a ‘Retail’ endorsement. 

AXI Fees and Commissions

Brokers typically charge their clients in exchange for their services through spreads, commissions, and miscellaneous fees. Customers dealing with the broker should expect to bear expenses; some will be transaction-specific (trading fees), and others are general to the broker’s services (non-trading cost). Here is a review of each of these fees. 

Trading Fees

All overnight swaps, commissions and spreads fall under the trading fees category. The majority of the broker’s revenue comes from spread charging; only pro account holders will be subject to commissions, and those will be levied on forex pairs and spot metals. Here are more details on the AXI spreads, commissions, and swap rate below. 


AXI claims to offer competitive spreads starting from 0.0 pips to 0.9 pips. This distribution varies from account to account, with the elite and pro accounts with 0.0 pips minimum spread and 0.9 pips on the standard account.


The company charges a commission of $3.50 per lot per side on forex pairs. That means you pay $7.00 per round trip for trading a single lot when signed up for the Pro account. 

Rollover Rate/Swap Fee

You also need to pay swap charges for keeping your positions overnight. However, the broker doesn’t charge a swap fee from shariah practising traders holding Islamic accounts. 

Non-Trading Fees

The term “non-trading fees” refers to expenses that aren’t directly related to your trading operations. The broker doesn’t charge deposit and withdrawal fees, as well as administration fees. When compared to other brokerages, the AXI fees structure doesn’t look very expensive. 

Inactivity Fee

AXI clients pay an inactivity fee of $10 per month on an account that has been inactive for over twelve months. A fee associated with currency conversion may also apply. 

Account Types at AXI

AXI offers three account types, which include Standard, Pro, and Elite accounts. Retail customers may prefer signing up for the Standard account type, while professionals and institutional investors might choose between the Pro and Elite options. Let’s take a closer look at each AXI account type in this section of the review. 

Demo Account

AXI offers a demo account for traders to practise their trading strategies without risking real money. The demo account comes with a virtual balance of $50,000 and no expiry limit, meaning traders can use it for as long as they want.

Standard Account

This trading account matches the needs of first-time investors. While there is no minimum deposit requirement, you can sign up with the amount that fits your budget. Clients don’t incur any commission in this account and can access more advanced features like Autochartist, PsyQuation, Myfxbook, and Autotrade. 

Pro Account

This account targets experienced traders. While all other services look identical to the standard account, a spread starting from 0.0 pips is the primary difference between this and the standard account. Pro account holders pay a commission of $7 US dollars for trading each lot per round trip. 

Elite Account

Unlike the Standard & Pro account, the minimum deposit to sign up for the Elite account is $25,000. This account is reserved for VIP clients and offers the added benefit of reduced pricing. For instance, clients pay a $3.50 commission on trading a single lot of an underlying asset per round trip. 

Note: Standard and Pro accounts can use the following supported base currencies: GBP, SGD, NZD, CHF, EUR, AUD, CAD, HKD, JPY, and USD. However, Elite account members can only add funds to their accounts in EUR, GBP, AUD, and USD.

Islamic Account

AXI offers Islamic accounts, also known as swap-free accounts, which are designed to cater to clients who follow Islamic finance principles. These accounts are structured in a way that eliminates interest payments (swap fees) on overnight positions, which is considered haram (forbidden) in Islamic finance. 

AXI Trading Platforms

AXI is a pure MetaTrader broker that offers a complete suite of MT4 trading platforms across all channels, including web, desktop, and mobile trading platforms. However, the company does not provide any proprietary trading platform to its customers except for a premium trading tool “PsyQuation”, though it is only available to premium clients. Therefore, clients have no choice but to use the MT4 to explore their trading potential. Here is a detailed review of the features offered via each AXI platform or trading platforms. 

AXI Desktop Trading Platform

Those who prefer trading the markets from the comfort of their desktop can download and install the MT4 desktop terminal on their PCs. Here are some of the features of the AXI platforms. 


The AXI MT4 desktop terminal has a sleek design and a high degree of customisation. Even users with little to no trading experience can navigate the platform conveniently. 


AXI’s trading interface is designed to be intuitive and adaptable, allowing traders to easily access a wide range of trading tools and resources, including advanced charting and real-time market data. This streamlined approach helps traders make informed trading decisions and execute trades with confidence.

Search & Notifications

The desktop platform lacks a price alert notification feature, as there is no option to configure it. Furthermore, the search feature has predefined categories, but customers might need help locating their preferred tradable instruments.

Order Types

The MT4 platform supports all fundamental order types, such as market, stop, and limit orders. 

Trade Automation

The ability to automate trades with EA support is another perk that could appeal to customers. 

Charting Option

PsyQuation, a flexible charting platform, is also available to customers for use in their pursuit of trading excellence. 

Trading Tools

AXI’s desktop trading is made easier with helpful tools like sentiment indicators, correlation traders, alarm managers, and automatic trade diaries.


In addition, customers can access portfolio reports that include accurate pricing details. Clients can also download their account statement on their PC for a detailed review. 

How to Open an Account on AXI Desktop Trading Platform

We’ll now explain the procedures you will need to open a trading account on the AXI platform. The procedures are relatively straightforward. Even though you may complete the account opening requirements in just a couple of minutes, the full registration procedure can take anywhere from 2–3 business days. That’s because Axi must verify your identification before you fund your account or commence trading. To that end, we’ve outlined how to register on the Axi trading platform below.

  1. To create an account, go to the broker’s website and click “Open Account” in the top right corner.  
  2. Fill out the information requested on the sign up page to begin the application process.
  3. Enter your name, country, email, contact, and click the “Submit” button.
  4. Create a password using a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters.
  5. Choose the account type you want to use.
  6. Select your preferred leverage and account’s base currency.
  7. In the following step, you will be asked to supply additional personal details about yourself.
  8. Complete the KYC process and verify your identity. You may skip this step for the time being and come back to it later.
  9. Specify your current employment status. Confirm your financial position, including your salary and the value of any investments you have.
  10. To proceed, select the option that most closely reflects your familiarity with foreign exchange trading.
  11. Following this, you’ll have quick access to important documents related to the Axi trading platform, such as its product calendar, privacy statement, client agreement, and more. Please read through these and confirm that you have done so by checking the appropriate box.
  12. Check the progress of your application at each step and then hit “submit.”
  13. Access the dashboard to complete the KYC process. The broker needs you to submit the supporting documents for your identity and address verification, such as National ID Card/Passport/Driving License, Bank Statement or Utility Bill.

AXI Mobile App

Considering the need for mobility, the broker features a mobile trading app for on-the-go clients. Clients need to download the AXI app from Google Play or App Store. We will explore the features of the AXI trading app in this section of the review. 


Traders will appreciate the simplistic yet functional design of the mobile trading interface. 


Two-factor authentication is not available in the AXI mobile trading app. However, clients might feel captivated by the convenience of one-click trading.


You may quickly locate your preferred tradable instrument using the AXI app search function. 

Charting Option

AXI’s mobile trading app supports 4-timeframes, enabling clients to view the performance of underlying financial instruments in different time horizons. 

Technical Indicators

Unfortunately, the AXI app lacks technical indicators used for in-depth technical analysis. 

Market Watch

The market watch lets clients access real-time price quotes for multiple financial instruments on the broker’s listing. 

Price Alert Notifications

Clients can also sign up for alerts received on their mobile devices and email addresses should a certain threshold be reached. 

Order Types

The mobile app is equipped to handle the market, limit, and stop orders. 

How to Open an Account on AXI Mobile App

The Axi mobile trading app was released not too long ago, and it’s compatible with every smartphone. In order to participate in the live market, you will need to create an account with AXI by following the instructions below.

  1. Download the AXI app from Google Play or the App store. 
  2. Click on the “Get Started” button to access the sign-up page. 
  3. Click the create an account button and enter your name on the next page.
  4. Select the country of your residence and choose your preferred account’s base currency.
  5. Select the markets you wish to trade, i.e., forex, stocks, indices, etc. 
  6. Choose trade with real money on the next page. You may also opt to sign up for a demo account. 
  7. Confirm your details, such as your first and last name.
  8. Provide your residential address, including country of origin, street name, province and postal code. 
  9. Enter your email address and provide your contact number.
  10. Confirm your employment status and click continue to proceed ahead.
  11. Confirm your source of income, the approximate value of your net worth and your average annual savings.
  12. Confirm your tax status.
  13. Complete the KYC process and upload the supporting documents as requested. For instance, you need to upload a copy of your ID Card, Passport, or Driving License and a copy of your bank statement or utility bill.
  14. Check your details and amend them if required. 
  15. Read the terms and conditions; if everything seems in line, click the submit button.
  16. Wait until the broker approves your application and provides you with login details.

Note: The verification process can take 24-48 hours, so be patient.

AXI Payment Methods

When making deposits and withdrawals, AXI supports various payment options, such as Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Skrill, Neteller, and Bank Transfers. Clients can also use bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to make payments. However, available options may differ from country to country. Traders can view all of the accepted payment methods for their country using the client portal under the funds’ menu. Let’s quickly review the options available for deposits and withdrawals at AXI. 


AXI doesn’t stipulate a minimum threshold for deposits. Clients may fund their accounts with any appropriate amount, though you might only be able to deposit $5 at the least, depending on your selected payment method. The company neither charges any fee on deposits nor applies any cost on funds withdrawals. 

The time it takes for funds to appear in your AXI account after being deposited depends on your selected payment method. For instance, deposits made using credit cards and debit cards are processed instantly, while wire transfers can take three business days or more. The processing time for crypto payments might range from zero to sixty minutes.

Deposit MethodTimeMinimum Deposit
Bank Transfers1-3 Business DaysNone
CryptocurrencyUp to 15 mins$30


AXI releases all withdrawals to the same method you used to deposit funds. The process for withdrawals may take between 1–2 business days, except for wire transfers which may take up to 5 business days.

Account Base Currency

You can open a trading account in various base currencies, including the US dollar, British pound, and Euro. After setting up your account with AXI, you can manage your billing and payment information through the Client Portal.

AXI Research and Education

AXI offers rich educational resources to its clients. There are a variety of resources available to you in the Learn to Trade section, including video lessons, seminars and webinars, an academy, a blog, e-books, and a glossary.

These videos cover a wide range of topics in over eleven distinct courses. While the video lessons are brief, they provide a good overview of each topic for new traders.

In addition to weekly market overviews and analysis from Autochartist, the AXI blog also features commentary from industry experts. Besides being well-written, it includes understandable graphics and trading ideas.

The broker provides five free eBooks for download, and anyone interested in speaking with professionals in the field can sign up for webinars and seminars. Through this section, customers can gain familiarity with common trading terms. AXI’s educational materials standard is high compared to its rival firms. 

AXI Customer Services

AXI appears to place a high priority on ensuring that its customers are happy. The broker’s customer service is available around the clock during weekdays. While the frequently asked questions (FAQs) section contains extensive customer coverage for customers, clients can also type a query into the dialogue box of the AI-powered auto-response robot. The robot then searches for the most appropriate response to your questions. On the other hand, you can contact customer care at any time via telephone, email, or live chat. The company also has its representation on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram and LinkedIn

AXI Online Reviews

Clients’ feedback posted publicly provide useful information about a broker’s reputation, dependability, and customer service. As a result, you will be able to make a more educated choice and be less likely to fall prey to scams or other dishonest dealings. Here we review AXI’s clientele feedback on Reddit, Quora, Trustpilot and Forexpeacearmy to know what people think of signing up with it. 

What Reddit Users Say About AXI

Though we only found a few threads discussing the broker, the ones who do, suggest it to be a trustworthy brokerage. While addressing a query by a Redditor concerning the broker’s legitimacy, most people praised the company for its robust regulatory setup and quick withdrawals. On the other hand, some clients also favoured its efficient trade execution and transparent pricing. In short, the Reddit community supports the broker at their heart. 

What Quora Users Say About AXI

Unlike Reddit, the Quora community seems unfamiliar with the brokerage firm. Despite trying several keywords to find something relevant to the company, we failed to find something commendable. However, we came across a post where a member suggested someone use AXI for the best trading experience. We are unable to determine whether the Quora community endorses the broker or criticises it since more information is required in order to make that determination.

TrustPilot Users’ Review About AXI

AXI is one of the brokers that has received overwhelmingly positive customer feedback. The business earned a 4.3/5 rating on Trustpilot from 1,266 AXI comments. Although some customers have complained about the broker’s latency, they have praised the company for its low spreads and the good customer assistance it provides. The business has, on the whole, earned a stellar reputation among financial backers.

ForexPeaceArmy Users’ Review About AXI

Surprisingly, AXI holds awful clientele feedback on ForexPeaceArmy. Clients reported it for multiple issues, including poor trade execution, delayed withdrawals, and slow customer support. Consequently, the broker could only secure a rating of 2.75 out of 5 stars on the FPA. 

Other Products and Services

In addition to providing traditional brokerage services, the company also hosts referral programs, enabling clients and partners to receive a referral commission. Here is a brief review of some other products offered by AXI. 

Introducing Brokers and Affiliates

Brokers/Partners joining the AXI partnership programme can get a commission on every referral they bring to AXI. Furthermore, the broker offers a $1,000 commission for each client their affiliates refer to the company. 


PsyQuation is arguably the most advanced trading platform designed for individual investors. Created with AI and ML, it constantly evaluates your trading habits and results, comparing them to the most recent data to deliver real-time intraday charts and an impact analysis of your performance.


AXI’s MT4 trading platform offers access to the Myfxbook Autotrade application, a third-party technological service that facilitates clients to copy trades.

Is AXI Safe?

Let’s quickly review AXI safety measures in this section. Given its robust regulatory setups and advanced risk management features, such as negative balance protection and indemnity insurance, AXI is a safe entity to trade forex and stocks. The broker has been serving the industry for over a decade and has never been hacked. The platform meets some of the most stringent financial security and trustworthiness requirements. It enforces KYC procedures mandated by anti-money laundering agencies, and keeps client cash in segregated accounts. Moreover, the firm seems dedicated to safeguarding its clients’ money using cutting-edge security techniques like SSL online encryption and two-step login.

Bottom Line

AXI is a leading multi-asset brokerage firm that offers advanced trading tools and a robust regulatory framework. The broker provides traders with access to different account types to cater to their diverse needs, including Standard, Pro, and Islamic accounts. Each account type provides access to various advanced trading tools, including advanced charting, real-time market data, and customisable trading interfaces. Trading fees on AXI are competitive and vary based on the account type and trading instruments, with no deposit or withdrawal fees, which is a significant advantage for traders.

One of AXI’s standout features is its social trading services, allowing traders to follow and copy the trades of successful traders in real time. This service is particularly beneficial to novice traders who are just starting and looking to learn from experienced traders. Social trading also helps traders to build a community of like-minded individuals who share similar trading strategies and goals.

AXI is regulated by several leading financial authorities, including the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) in Australia, and the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) in the UAE. These regulatory bodies ensure that AXI adheres to strict operational and ethical standards and that traders’ funds are kept safe. The account opening process is straightforward, taking less than ten minutes, and once approved, traders can start trading right away.

While AXI offers a wide variety of trading platforms, customers who require more bespoke trading software may need to look elsewhere. However, the broker’s combination of advanced trading tools, robust regulatory framework, and social trading services make it a formidable competitor in the crowded online brokerage market. Positive feedback from traders on Quora and Reddit suggests that AXI is a reliable and reputable online broker, with traders appreciating the broker’s competitive trading fees, excellent customer service, and advanced trading tools. Nonetheless, some traders have expressed concerns about the broker’s limited product offerings and the absence of some popular trading platforms. Despite these concerns and after a detailed review, AXI remains a popular choice among traders looking for a reliable and reputable online broker with advanced trading tools and a strong regulatory framework.

Q & A

The AXI login process requires traders to enter their email and password on the broker’s website or through the MT4 trading platform.

AXI is an ECN/STP forex and CFD broker that offers access to global financial markets.

AXI is generally regarded as a good broker due to its competitive trading conditions, reliable execution, and strong regulation.

Yes, AXI is a trustworthy broker that is regulated by multiple financial authorities, including ASIC and FCA.

Yes, AXI offers copy trading through its partnership with Myfxbook AutoTrade.

No! However, the broker offers a trading platform called PsyQuation Premium. It is a trading analytics platform AXI developed to provide traders with personalised insights and performance analysis. However, the platform is not available to retail traders. This is likely due to the cost and complexity of developing and maintaining the platform. Currently, clients with premium access can use it. 

AXI offers 2,000+ share CFDs to trade. 

The maximum leverage to trade AXI shares is 1:20 for retail clients.

Aside from the demo account, AXI offers four account types: Standard, Pro, Elite and Islamic account.

The Standard account is the best AXI account type for a beginner due to its low minimum deposit requirement and simple trading conditions.

No, the AXI demo account does not expire and can be used unlimitedly.

No, AXI also offers an advanced trading platform, PsyQuation Premium, which is only limited to premium users.

Traders can download MT4 on AXI by visiting the broker’s website, selecting the “Downloads” tab, and choosing the MT4 version for their device.

The minimum deposit on AXI varies depending on the account type, but it starts from $0 for the Standard account.

Withdrawal processing times on AXI typically take 1-2 business days.

The best way to reach customer support on AXI is through live chat, email, or phone.

Yes, AXI offers an affiliate program called “Introducing Broker” that allows partners to earn commissions by referring new clients to the broker.

AXI was founded in 2007.

Yes, AXI is a multi-regulated forex broker that is authorised and regulated by ASIC, FCA, DFSA, and FSCA.