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Trading a market priced for perfection


 Grind It I Operation February  I  Too Cheap 


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*Note: Trading is hard, results not guaranteed and should not be expected to be replicated typically.

Hey Folks,

Yes, two great sales ending tonight– both will go up dramatically tomorrow!  

As for me…I’m winding down another solid month in Alpha Hunter. 

No all my trades are closed yet, but here’s where the spreadsheet sits right now (note I started my $10,000 Mission in July — 7 months down!):

*Note: Trading is hard, results not guaranteed and should not be expected to be replicated typically.

It wasn’t easy, but it looks like I’ll once again hit my $10,000 monthly profit target. My wife and kids are happy to hear that!

Is this just luck… or maybe I’ve learned a thing or two in my 2+ decades of trading!

This morning, I told my members this was going to be a volatile week, and we’re just getting started following disappointing earnings from MSFT and GOOGL last night.

I think “disappointing” is a bit much (earnings were actually pretty great), like I pointed out last week.  

The problem here is that the market is priced for absolute perfection.  There can not be any hiccups when it comes to tech earnings right now, and that is a very tough bar to get over.

This is a great, healthy thing for trading.  We need to see markets pull back and find a new comfort level.  Things got too overheated, and we need a reset.  That is going to present some excellent new opportunities as we start a new month in Alpha Hunter.

Will I hit my $10,000 goal in February?

I’ll tell you in a month!

How about you get off the fence and actually learn from me this month?  

You have the opportunity to see every trade I make from start to finish, along with WHY and HOW I am making every single one of them.

I am really good at this stuff, and I can teach you how to do the same!

As I explained in my morning email to members (excerpt below) – (locked emojis mean this is for members only):

Alpha Hunter Email Excerpt:

We still have a slew of earnings to get through this week (I am most concerned about AAPL coming up tomorrow night), and a Fed announcement on rates that I don’t think is going to boost markets at all.

I still think that Powell is going to stand firm on “higher for longer” when it comes to rates, and we should not expect to see any rate cuts anytime soon.

I think that is a negative for tech stocks, especially the smaller stocks in the .  I still think remains a top short idea to consider.

Yesterday, I closed out a couple winning trades on TSLA, and I am glad I made the moves I did (I’ve now closed 3 great TSLA winners this week, and have 1 more trade still open).  

TSLA got hit with some bad news after market hours, and sent the stock lower.  My open position is going to have a bad day it looks like.  

I just opened it yesterday, and I am not going to panic and take a loss today though.

The condor I have needed to see a healthy pullback.  That one just might end up a winner if can stay under this week.  I was planning to close it for a loss yesterday, but changed my mind as I felt that stocks were too overpriced headed into earnings.

I also opened a new iron condor in the live session.  By the way, Taiku did an excellent lesson on Iron Condors last week, and I taught about that as well in my options training series yesterday.  Both of those are in your member dashboard, and I would encourage you to take advantage of them.

Additionally, I posted my Current Positions and my Watchlist like I do in EVERY morning email to Alpha Hunter members so it makes it easy to follow along with WHAT I’m trading, HOW I”m trading, and WHY I’m trading…

So if you want to HOP ON Board for another (hopefully) market butt-kicking in February, my $10,000/Month Mission is resetting.  

I’m doing this stuff with or without you… but wouldn’t you love to learn how this works?!

No time like the present.  I am totally confident you can do this, too. You just need to get started.

Operation February Commences Tomorrow  

Would love to have you on this Mission with me!

To YOUR success,

Jeff Bishop

P.S. As always, it’s worth giving Davis Martin or Jeff Brown a call at 1-800-585-4488 for questions or see what types of payment plans they can set up for any of our services. Reach out, they’d love to hear from you!

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