StimStixx Technologies Inc Announces Strategic Partnership with Hunting Titan Inc. to Revolutionize Well Perforation and Acidizing

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CALGARY, Alberta — StimStixx Technologies Inc is excited to announce a groundbreaking product development and distribution partnership with industry leader Hunting Titan Inc., a key move in advancing well perforation and acidization technologies. The collaboration will extend StimStixx Technologies’ global distribution network and foster development of integrated acidizing and perforating technologies, setting a new standard in the completions sector. This combined innovation symbolizes a significant leap in operational efficiency and effectiveness in well treatments.

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Expanding Capacity, Increasing Safety and Efficiency, and Reducing Costs: The synergy between StimStixx Technologies Inc. and Hunting Titan Inc. will enable the increased treatment of more wells annually. This scale of operation is not just a testament to our combined capabilities but also a move towards significantly reducing the cost associated with acidizing processes in the oil and gas industry. StimStixx’ custom blends of HCl and HCl/HF tools will be available to clients to acidize new perforations as well as existing intervals to increase production.

Environmental Commitment: A core aspect of this partnership is our shared commitment to sustainability. By optimizing well treatment processes, this collaboration will play a crucial role in reducing CO2 emissions, aligning with global efforts to mitigate environmental impact in energy extraction processes.

A Future-focused Collaboration:

“We are excited to be working with Hunting Titan Inc., providing cutting-edge technology that not only makes wireline a full-service solution in the industry but also aids in the efficiency and expediency of the process,” said Jordan Brennan, President and CEO. “This partnership improves our ability to provide our technology more quickly the world over.”

Jason Mai, Managing Director of Hunting Titan, Inc., expressed the following remarks:

“Our partnership sets a new industry standard for well perforation and acidizing, enhancing operational efficiency and scalability. Committed to environmental stewardship, this collaboration not only contributes to significant cost reduction but also aligns with sustainability goals, marking a pivotal advancement in the completions sector. The industry can expect improved wireline services, greater efficiency, and streamlined processes, reinforcing our dedication to advancing and benefiting the sector while prioritizing environmental responsibility.”

About Hunting Titan Inc.: Hunting Titan Inc. is a distribution leader of well completions technology across the globe, specializing in the design and manufacture of advanced perforating systems, energetics, instrumentation, and associated hardware.

About StimStixx Technologies Inc: StimStixx Technologies Inc is an industrial manufacturing company devoted to manufacturing technology which improves the safety, efficiency and environmental impact of advanced well stimulation technologies.

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