Credit Saint review: A credit repair company with many features, but varying results

Credit Saint is a credit repair company based in New Jersey. They have helped more than 200,000 clients with their credit issues, dating back to 2004. With this type of experience, customers can expect results and Credit Saint does not disappoint. In fact, they offer a 90-day money-back guarantee to back up their experience. This review will dive into the details of Credit Saint to help you determine if it is the company that can help you with your credit repair needs. All rates and fees are current as of March 22, 2024, and are subject to change. 

Credit Saint Number of available options: 3 Cost: $99 initial working fee + $79.99 per month Ratings: A Time: They work on 45-day cycles. Time varies depending on credit issues.

Who is Credit Saint good for?

Credit Saint is suitable for individuals with an unfavorable credit score who want to improve it. Since the best credit repair companies cannot remove true items, Credit Saint is best for people with erroneous data on their credit reports. This includes people who have made arrangements with the creditor that aren’t reflected on the report or those who have experienced identity theft and need to rebuild their credit completely. Anyone with wrong information from creditors on their credit report is an ideal customer for Credit Saint.  

Who shouldn’t use Credit Saint?

Credit Saint is not for people with poor credit who have the correct information on their credit reports. While Credit Saint is still likely to try to remove the items by submitting disputes to the creditors and hoping that they don’t respond within 30 days, this tactic seldom works in today’s credit market. Even if they are able to remove it from the report, this is often a temporary solution since creditors have the option to refile the credit problem as long as it is accurate and they have the proof of it. 

This means that a large percentage of people with bad credit who are hoping for a miracle cure to their credit report are not good candidates for credit repair or Credit Saints’ services.

Pros Cons 90-day money-back guarantee Some customer complain that they don’t get meaningful results Good customer service with quick response times The portal is not as user-friendly as some competitors Customer portal to track progress Gets dispute letters out on the same day as signing up

Types of services the Credit Saint provides to help improve credit

Credit Saint offers three plans for customers to work with them. The plans are broken down to how aggressively customers want to attack repairing their credit scores. 

Credit Saint services Credit Polish Credit Remodel Clean Slate Challenges to the 3 credit bureaus Yes Yes Yes, Unlimited Score analysis and tracker Yes Yes Yes Creditor intervention letters Yes Yes Yes Inquiry targeting No Yes Yes Personalized guide to building credit No Yes Yes Real-time account sync No Yes Yes Creditor interventions No No Yes Acqualify Loan Readiness Program Enrollment No No Yes Rent-to-Own Home Program available through Pathway Homes No No Yes Report payments to all 3 credit bureaus No No Yes Three-bureau reports and scores No One bureau Yes 90-day Money-back Guarantee Yes Yes Yes Saint Legal Watch Yes Yes Yes

How Credit Saint’s fees work

Credit Saint offers three subscription plans. Each plan starts with an initial working fee: $99 for the Credit Polish and Credit Remodel plans, and $195 for the Clean Slate plan. Then, there is the monthly payment plan. The Credit Polish plan costs $79.99 per month, $99.99 per month for the Credit Remodel plan, and $129.99 per month for the Clean Slate plan. 

Subscribers can cancel their plans at any time. If they do so on or after the 90th day, they may be eligible for a refund through the 90-day Money-back Guarantee. Participants must be part of the program for 90 days to be eligible for the guarantee. In addition to the time frame, participants:

Can not get any new derogatory items on their credit in this timeframe  They must make all payments timely Must fax or email proof of identity within five days to Credit Saint (i.e., driver’s license and Social Security card) Refund audits are between 91 and 120 days from the time they receive your first payment to activate your account. Continuing the program beyond the 120 days waives the right to a refund. 

How does working with Credit Saint impact credit score

Working with Credit Saint can have a direct impact on your credit score. The amount of the impact will depend on how many derogatory items are removed from your account and what those items were. For example, late payments can affect your score by 180 points and stay on the report for seven years. Something as little as a hard inquiry can drop your score by five points. Removing these items removes the effect they have on your score, ultimately raising the score to a better standard. 

It is important to remember that Credit Saint, like all other credit repair companies, cannot remove accurate derogatory items from your credit report. They can only challenge inaccurate data. The more proof you have of the error, the easier it is for Credit Saint to get a favorable response to their dispute letters. 

How long does Credit Saint take to improve credit score

It can take months for Credit Saint to remove derogatory items from your credit report. The company works on a 45-day cycle. This cycle starts with Credit Saint sending a dispute letter to the creditor. The creditor has 30 days to respond to the dispute, and you have 15 days to respond to their information. This cycle will be repeated until the dispute is resolved. 

While most people want to get results fast, patience is important when working on resolving credit disputes. It may take time and is only effective if the disputes are for inaccurate data. 

Credit Saint ratings and reputation

Consumers’ concerns about Credit Saint are the same as those about other credit repair companies. They feel they have paid for a service that doesn’t produce results. This is frustrating for consumers who need their credit repaired to get a loan or a lease—or at least more favorable terms. When looking at the complaints listed in the Better Business Bureau, many complain that the company is a scam and that you’ll pay for nothing. 

The other complaint is that the money-back guarantee has so many caveats that getting a refund is almost impossible. So, while the company has a guarantee, many feel that it is pointless.

Credit Saint Ratings BBB A TrusPilot 3.2 stars out of five Google Reviews 4.5 stars out of five Consumer Affairs 4.9 stars out of five

Are there risks with credit repair through Credit Saint

As with any credit repair company, the risk is that you will spend your money and not get results. Using Credit Saints will not negatively impact your credit score at all. But if you don’t qualify for the money-back guarantee, you’ll be left paying for a service that might not deliver the desired results. 

Compare Credit Saint alternatives

First work fee Monthly fee Credit monitoring & Credit disputes Cease and Desist Letters Debt Settlement Credit-Builder Loans Current SelectionCredit Saint $99 to $195 $79.99 to $129.99 Yes No No No The Credit People $19 $99 to $119 Yes No No No The Credit Pros $119 to $149 $69 to $149 Yes Yes No Yes Sky Blue Credit $0 $79 to $99 Yes Yes No No Current SelectionCredit Saint No $99 to $195 $79.99 to $129.99 Yes No No The Credit People No $19 $99 to $119 Yes No No The Credit Pros Yes $119 to $149 $69 to $149 Yes Yes No Sky Blue Credit No $0 $79 to $99 Yes Yes No

Is Credit Saint right for you?

Credit Saint is a good option for those seeking to dispute inaccurate items on their credit reports to raise their scores. Their pricing, though on the higher end of the competitors, still is within industry standards and worth it for a company with 20 years of experience working with consumers. Credit Saint is a great option if you are looking for a company to help you dispute derogatory items on your credit report. 

Frequently asked questions

Is Credit Saint a real company?

Credit Saint is a real company that helps people with credit disputes. It is based in New Jersey and has been helping consumers since 2004. 

How long does it take for Credit Saint to work?

Credit Saint gets to work immediately, sending letters to dispute derogatory items. It works on a 45-day cycle, with creditors being given 30 days to respond to the dispute and consumers 15 days to respond. That said, it can still take months for Credit Saint to get results. 

Can I cancel Credit Saint?

You are not locked into a long-term contract with Credit Saint and can cancel anytime. If you cancel on the 90th day, you may be eligible for a money-back guarantee. 

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