Aptos surges while Milei Moneda rises: Crypto race intensifies

Aptos surges while Milei Moneda rises: Crypto race intensifies

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Aptos and SUI make strategic moves while Milei Moneda emerges as a new contender. Bitcoin’s rally fuels competition among top altcoins.

In the wake of Bitcoin’s bullish rally, the cryptocurrency market witnesses a surge in activity, prompting intense competition among top altcoins. Aptos (APT) and SUI navigate strategic moves to secure their positions, while a new contender, Milei Moneda ($MEDA), emerges, altering the landscape.


Recent reports show that both Aptos and SUI have pulled the stops in terms of expanding their ecosystems and launching new developments. Aptos has continued doling out new features for various crypto sectors, and this time, Aptos has turned its attention to the Web3 gaming space.

Aptos partnered with Google Cloud, which is the cloud storage medium for many digital gaming platforms, to allow users and developers to create and link blockchain elements in their games.

Aptos’ feature on Google Cloud is presented as an ‘Aptos Game stack,’ and it looks to be a real game changer in Web3 gaming.

More partnerships have also come from Movement labs, offering APT ecosystem increased interoperability between Aptos and the Ethereum Virtual Machine. This development will see Aptos applications function on many Ethereum chains.

For SUI, the Suilend program expands SUI’s DeFi operations to the Solana ecosystem. It’s a big move for the DEX platform, and it is getting top reviews from analysts and some traders. However, it might not be enough to offset the appeal from Aptos, especially since APT is benefiting more from the ongoing rally than SUI.

Milei Moneda: Is a Shiba Inu repeat underway?

Milei Moneda is a DeFi enthusiast, which is unusual for a meme coin but best for its users. The token is concerned with economic freedom, and it uses DeFi to promote it.

With memes and blockchain activity, Milei Moneda seeks to influence politics globally to ensure the widespread adoption of DeFi policies.

The platform’s developers ensured that MEDA is deflationary, so users don’t have to worry about the token’s value in the long run.

Every time a user spends MEDA tokens, the available supply reduces, and the price rises.

MEDA is currently at stage 1 of the presale. Each token sells for $0.010, and its launch price has been fixed for $0.020.

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